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Editor, Producer, Director:  B. Douglas Robbins.  Douglas Robbins is a filmmaker and attorney from San Francisco, California. Robbins was a college debater for UC Berkeley in the early 1990s. After graduation, he traveled across the United States in a Volkswagen microbus writing what would become a novel about intercollegiate debate. A copy of the book is for sale and available through Smashwords and Amazon for Kindle.


joeProducer, Director of Photography: Joseph W. Walling. Joseph Walling is a filmmaker and founder of Long Strand Studios. Walling produced a number of documentary-style films for non-profit organizations like Americans for Cures, and production pieces for corporate clients like CPP, Inc.

Walling studied film and Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, earning a degree in Psychology and graduating with Highest Honors for his thesis on epiphany. He is currently working toward his doctorate in clinical psychology at the PGSP-Stanford University Psy.D. Consortium.