Scenes Deleted from the Movie

Bard's 1AC (part 1)

Bard's 1AC (part 2)

Bard's 1AC (part 3)

Slusher and Russell on Smarts

Calum on the WGLF

Calum on the Turn

Calum Finds Debate

Calum on the Blank Slate

Calum on Berkeley's Heidegger Case

Calum on the Untrue Argument

Debate Girls on Debate Boys

Dallas Perkins on Law School

Tarloff and Wickersham on Recreational Activities

Shanahan on the Magic of Debate

Shanahan on Nihilism

VanHorn on Being a Mile Ahead

Whalen from SFSU on Dallas Perkins from Harvard

WGLF v. The Zags

James Thomas on the Mask

Debate 101

Repko on Clarity

Repko on Basketball

Repko on Cards

Repko on the Counterplan 1

Repko on the Counterplan 2

Repko on Cross Examination 1

Repko on Cross Examination 2

Repko on "I Said So!"

Repko on Evidence 1

Repko on Evidence 2

Repko on Style

Repko on T 1

Repko on T 2

Repko on the Turn

Repko on Group

Repko on Flow

Repko on Extend

Repko on the Disad

Repko on the Plan

Repko on Resilience

Tejinder Singh on the Art of Persuasion